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My DIY copic color wheel book

 Hi all,

I am back in blogland.

Today I have a lot of photos for you!
 This is an older post which I had not pubblicated on my blog yet.
My old little handmade Copic color wheel book was falling to pieces
 so I have decided to make a new version.

As you might know Copic has a color wheel with all colour groups
E (earth ) , B ( Blue ), BG ( Blue Green ) , G ( green ) , YG ( Yellow Green ) , Y ( Yellow ),
YR ( Yellow red ) , R ( red ) , RV ( Red Violet ) , V ( Violet ) , BV ( Blue Violet ),
the Grey tones W ( Warm grey ), T ( Toner grey ) , N ( neutral grey ) , C ( Cool grey )
 and all these groups are separated in natural blending groups.

Those of you who have done the ECCP Copic classes know all abut it.

As the color wheel is quite small 
I have prefered to divide all groups into a handmade color wheel book, 
each page for each group, 
easy to consult whenever I need to match colors 
or if I want to see which colours I have.
It is like a bingo card!

Here is my little scrapbook project, perhaps you can get inspiration to make one yourself.

I have found a "funky" way to design my color group blocks,
I have used a stencil from Dutch Doobadoo
 and have traced the blocks with a pencil onto a sheet of paper. 

With a black multiliner  ( small tip 0.1) I have written all the Copic numbers underneath. 
You have to do a little of counting to get the right amount of blocks :).
But it is fun to do and when you are ready so easy to use.

I have photo copied these sheets onto Perfect Colouring Paper and have
cutted the shape with a die from Studio Light.

After having colored each block with the Copic marker I have,
I have accentued the outlines with another black multiliner .
This time with a broader tip ( 0.5 ).

Now it was time to choose the background sheets,
one colour for each color group.
Gladly I have lovely plain coloured paper stock.
Aren't the papers just perfect?

These coloured sheets were cut with the matching Studio Light die
 ( slightly bigger than the one of the PCP sheets ).

To add a bit of contrast I have decided to use black card stock for the booklet base.
With a MFT die I have cutted the small tabs for each page .

I have glued the parts  together, 
the pages of the colour blocks 
onto the coloured sheets with tabs 
and that onto the basic black cardstock.
It looked like this when I was ready.

With my Cinch I have binded the Whole.
On the left side you can see the stencil I have used to make the "funky" blocks.

I have added some extra empty black cardstock pages at the end,
two pages were used to add my hex chart from Sandy Allnock.
She has developed a sheet of Visual Organization of Copic Colors.

Printed out on a A5 sheet of PCP,
  cut in half with the same die which I have used for my created pages.

Now each page will get a coloured stamp in the colours of the page,
my first page of the E group has a small Gorjuss stamp.
Perhaps I will add some doodeling too.

On the tabs I have added the letters of each colour group.

Below the blocks of markers that have ,
I have added a black dot 
to indicate which colours are available in the CIAO version ,
In this way you can see at a glance  .

I have added also a black triangle to some colours,
of this colours I have the re-fill ( Various Ink ).

Now I have a lot of information all together.

Next step was the front cover…

I have cutted the letters with a Marianne Design alphabet die out of a sheet of PCP.
Each letter was colored with some Copic markers.

The first "c" with BG 11, BG 13, BG 15, BG 18.

The "i" with YG 03, YG 06, YG 09.

The "o" with RV 11, RV 14, RV 17.

The "p" with YR 23, YR 24, YR 27.

The last "c" with BV 23, BV 25, BV 29.

I have coated the letters with some resin similair to glossy accents
 ( I have used Cristal Drop from Stamperia ).

Here is the final result…
At least perhaps I want to add some more to the cover,
what do you think?

Thanks for your visit!

Hugs Blankina

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  1. Hey, good you're back! Wonderful blogpost, great idea to combine all colours in 1 fantastic book!
    En die vertaalknop heb ik niet nodig, lukt zo ook wel ;)
    grtz. Colien

  2. Hoi Blankina, niet dat ik altijd reageer, maar wel leuk dat ik je weer zie. Wat een werk heb je ervan gemaakt en lekker voor jezelf, dat is ook wel eens leuk van al de moeite ;-)
    Mijn Italiaans beperkt zich tot een woord of 15, maar Engels lukt wel!


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