venerdì 19 dicembre 2014

Candele decorate con delle fustelle Marianne Design

Ho decorato delle candele grande profumati con delle fustelle di Marianne Design.
Come pensierino piccolo per Natale alle signore del pulmino ( scuola bus ).

I have decorated some big scented candles with die cuts from Marianne Design.
As a small Christmas gift for the ladies from the schoolbus.

fustelle Marianne Design :
LR 0327 , LR 0185, LR 0124, 

perla/brad Marianne Design :
JU 0923

Ovviamente si deve togliere la carta quando uno accende la candela!
Ho usato anche gomma crepla glitterata e la carta ondulata per dare un tocco diverso

Ofcourse you will have to take the paper away when the candle will be used!
I have used some glitterfoam and ondulated cardstock to give it an extra touch of sparkle.

fustelle Marianne Design :
LR 0327 , CR  1229, LR 0124, 

perla/brad Marianne Design :
JU 0923

Hugs Blankina

6 commenti:

  1. Raffinatissime, uno splendida idea pwe un regalo natalizio!

  2. Mooi gedaan, daar zullen de dames wel erg blij mee zijn!
    Zonde om eraf te halen en te branden hoor!
    Een fijn weekend,

  3. Blankin, die Kerzen sind wunderschön gemacht
    glg Gertrude

  4. Laat je ze niet in de brand vliegen Blankina, hihi.
    Ziet er wel heel gezellig uit!
    Liefs van Gerie

  5. Oh my goodness, the bus drivers are going to love these candles! Such lovely dies, they look great on the candles.


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