sabato 1 dicembre 2012

Win a Snoesjes stamp at the Snoesjes blog a Daisy stamp at the D and D blog and candy Alicia

Buongiorno, non avete visto nessun post nuovo per un po'. Sono stata senza computer, adesso è tornato ma devo impostare di nuovo tutto. Vi volevo segnalare una chance di vincere questo timbro di Snoesje al blog Olandese di Snoesje, una linea di timbri da Marianne Design.
Dovete mettere il button sono fan di Snoesje ( che trovate sul blog ) seguire il blog e lasciare un commento entro il 7 dicembre. Dopo ci sarà di nuovo un altro per l'avento finchè finisce ...
Sotto troverete il link..

Hi, you haven't seen any new posts lately because I was without computer, now it has come back but I need to install everything again. I wanted to let you know the oppertunity to win this sweet stamp of Snoesje at the dutch blog dedicated to the Snoesjes line of Marianne Design.
All you have to do is place the I am a fan of Snoesje on your blog ( you will find this on their blog ) follow the blog  and leave a comment within the 7th of December.
They will repeat this for the advent untill this is finished.
Below you will find the link...

Hallo allemaal, je hebben al wenig nieuwe posts van mij gezien want ik zat zonder computer, nu is hij weer terug maar nu moet ik alles weer instellen. Ik wilde jullie vertellen dat je deze lieve stempel van Snoesje kan winnen op het Snoesjes blog. Je hoeft alleen maar de ik ben fan van Snoesje button op je blog te plaatsen, volger worden en een berichtje achterlaten binne de 7de december. Het is een advents project, dus zal worden herhaald dat het is afgelopen.
Hieronder vind je de link...

Anche Alicia ( l'amica mia del blogland )ha un candy bellissima...deve seguirla e lasciare un commento.
Also Alicia ( my blogfriend ) has a great become follower and leave a comment.
Alicia( mijn blogvriendin ) heeft ook een mooie candy...volg haar en laat een berichtje achter.

Anche sul blog di Don & daisy un altra linea di Marianne Design c'è la possibiltà di vincere un timbro per l'avvento..

Also on the Don & Daisy blog you will have the chance to win a stamp during the avent, please visit their blog for details...

Op de Don & Daisy blog is er ook een kand om een stempel te winnen gedurende de avent, neem een kijkje om de regels te lezen...

Hugs Blankina

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  1. I was wondering where you were! lol! I think I might die without a computer for even one day! Great giveaways, thanks for the information.

    Also, keeps your eyes peeled, you have a package on it's way!


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